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What We – US Cargo Link Does to Keep Your Freight Safe

What We - US Cargo Link Does to Keep Your Freight Safe

In a list of billion-dollar industries in the United States, cargo theft might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Still, believe it or not, it’s a massive industry, worth a staggering $15 to $35 billion, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB). It’s a booming business that thrives on the illegal pilfering of goods in transit, ranging from everyday commodities to high-value items worth millions. With such a thriving underground market, US Cargo Link must ensure the safety and security of your precious cargo.

Cargo theft is a complex issue, and it takes various forms. From traditional snatch-and-grab thefts to more sophisticated strategic tactics, cargo thieves use every trick in the book to make off with valuable freight. Let’s dive into some of these tactics and explore what the industry is doing to protect your goods.

Straight Cargo Theft

This is the most straightforward form of cargo theft, where criminals physically steal goods from a location. It’s the classic “grab and go” approach, and it’s as old as theft itself. These thefts can happen anywhere and at any time, making it a constant concern for shippers and carriers.

Strategic Cargo Theft

In recent years, the industry has seen a significant rise in strategic cargo theft. This tactic involves using deceptive means, like fraud and deceptive information, to commit theft. Thieves may trick brokers into giving up a load using elaborate schemes. One common ploy involves using stolen identities of legitimate motor carriers and logistics brokers to obtain and redirect the freight to their own advantage. This tactic has seen a startling 600 percent increase from November to March.

Technology-Based Theft

Cargo thieves aren’t stuck in the past. They’ve embraced technology to aid their criminal activities. This includes using GPS blockers to conceal the location of stolen containers or trucks. It also extends to cyber-attacks, such as phishing scams and malware, to gain access to sensitive data and manipulate shipments. Thieves are continually finding new ways to exploit technology for their gain.


Pilferage may not be as grandiose as other theft tactics, but it’s no less damaging. It involves the theft of small quantities of items, often overlooked until a trailer or container is unloaded. This can add up over time and be a significant financial blow to shippers and carriers.

So, what is US Cargo Link doing to keep your freight safe in this challenging environment?

We understand the importance of safeguarding your cargo, and we take several measures to minimize the risk of theft. These measures are based on a layered approach recommended by the NICB:

  • Employee Screening: We carefully screen all employees, including drivers and those with access to shipping information. This helps ensure that the people handling your freight are trustworthy and reliable.
  • Training: We provide comprehensive training to our employees, emphasizing hijack awareness and prevention. This training covers everything from safeguarding the cargo to the security of our drivers and customers.
  • Partnership: We choose our transportation partners carefully, ensuring they share our commitment to security. Trust is a vital element in the fight against cargo theft.
  • In-Transit Security: We implement in-transit security measures, like visibility software, to minimize the opportunity for theft, both planned and opportunistic.
  • Technology: We embrace the latest security technologies, including alarm surveillance camera systems and immediate response to all alerts. This extends to well-lit perimeters, entrances, and advanced security seals, ensuring maximum protection.
  • Audits: We regularly conduct audits of the supply chain, looking for gaps in shipment protection and rectifying them promptly.

While we can’t completely eliminate cargo theft, we are committed to helping shippers and carriers be better prepared. As we approach the holiday season, the threat of organized cargo theft will likely increase, especially strategic cargo theft. Preparation will be key to reducing the amount of goods that are stolen or misdirected, moving us away from this billion-dollar industry.

At US Cargo Link, we’re dedicated to keeping your freight safe and secure, so you can rest easy, knowing that your valuable cargo is in good hands.