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Top 5 Ways to Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

September 8-14 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! America will be taking time to honor all professional truck drivers for their hard work throughout this week.

Truck driving is so essential to the American economy and one of the toughest, most demanding, and thankless professions out there.  There are 3.5 million men and women that not only deliver goods safely, securely, and timely—but also, upholding important safety procedures to keep our roads safe. 

If you’re in the logistics industry, we hope that you take this week to really show your fellow drivers just how much you appreciate them!  Here are five fun ways to show how much you care:

#1 A Handwritten Letter of Gratitude

With technology these days, it’s so easy to overlook the sentiment that can come from a simple handwritten thank you note.  Sending it directly to the drivers’ home and addressing the whole family could be a special touch especially when it comes directly from the CEO.  Remember—every day your driver is on the road is time they sacrifice from their family.  So, take the extra step to thank their families as well!  You could sweeten the gesture even more by including a gift card.

#2 Gifts!

Who doesn’t love gifts?!  It could be something for work or something they can appreciate in their own time.  The possibilities are endless!  Give them a lumbar pillow or a pressure relieving cushions for their long excursions on the road, or an audio book/music streaming subscription for when they are on and off the job.  Or, make it super personal by gifting them something you know they’d appreciate a lot!

#3 Company Lunch/Outing

Organize an event for the entire company and their families to enjoy a meal or a fun-filled night of activities.  Cut loose at happy hour, play sports/games, or go on an escape room excursion. Anything that brings to team together and build camaraderie.

#4 Put Your Appreciation on Blast!

Start this week with a morning hype session by giving out positive affirmations to each of your drivers.  Get them excited for the day and reinvigorate them with motivation!  They do important work that can often feel mundane but, nothing is more refreshing than to start the workday with a group of people who are full of energy and enthusiastically expressing gratitude when most of the time, good work goes unnoticed.  It could be done in the office as they are coming in; over the radio if they’ve been on the road for a long haul; or even online through social media! (Shout out to our drivers! We appreciate you!)  If nothing else, just set aside some time this week with your drivers and tell them face-to-face just how valuable they are.  It costs absolutely nothing to be especially kind this week.

#5 Going Above and Beyond

While September 8-14 is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, you can go above and beyond by celebrating as if it was every single day because where would we be without our drivers?

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