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Advancement in Logistics: Technology vs Humans

In last week’s blog post we touched on how the advancement of technology has affected the nature logistics.  The good, the bad, and the inevitable.  Naturally, this got me thinking about what (if anything) cannot be affected by the advancement of technology in the world of logistics?

We’ve already been entertaining the idea of drones and automated semi-trucks to decrease the cost and turnover rate of logistics.  With the evident increase of self-serving checkout lanes in grocery stores and installations of locker pickups for mobile ordering; what can we do when automation finally takes over?  What is left for humans when technology is so self-sufficient, there is no job too complex for them to do?

It is not a new fear that one day, technology would be so efficient humans would serve no purpose but to exist.  But don’t fret, humans will always be essential to the crucial workings of logistics.

Here’s why…

Technology will never be able to create authentic interpersonal relationships.  There will never be a code that will allow technology to be creative with their problem solving; have imagination or ambition; be empathetic towards a business owner’s needs; and genuinely care about their work.  Nowadays, people want a real person on the phone for customer service rather than pushing buttons or enunciating loudly into a phone receiver to navigate through an automated service and find a solution.  Technology is exponentially advancing but, we are in some ways backtracking to simpler solutions.

Simplicity and convenience are no longer synonymous.  Convenience in some ways have become a commodity– people pay for convenience (ex. Uber, express shipping, food deliveries, etc.) but simplicity has become way more valuable.  Now more than ever, companies brag about having real human beings on their phones or behind their chats because nothing could ever replace authentic and meaningful interactions. 

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