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3 Steps to Manage Uncertainty

3 Steps to Manage Uncertainty

Even though logistics is one of the world’s largest industries, it is arguably one of the most ever-changing and unstable fields to have a career in.  Economy, changes in regulations, technology advancement on management information systems and modes of transportation, labor markets, competitive landscape, politics, etc.  All these attributes are gears that makes up the machine that is—logistics.

So how do we deal with these everyday uncertainties that influences our industry? When rates, demands, and business change, how do we stay at the top of our game?


Step 1: Stay informed.

This goes without saying.  If you can comprehend the entire scope of what is going on in the world, the better you can prepare for it.  Read and watch the news every day.  Take note of trends, and events that take place that can influence the industry.  Subscribe to e-newsletters so you get them directly to your inbox, so you never forget to stay informed.




3 Steps to Manage Uncertainty


Step 2: Plan, plan, plan ahead.

Being prepared also means being able to visualize all the possible outcomes of a situation and plan for it.  The good, the bad, the ugly, and the unexpected.  Only successful supply chains are able to anticipate the next trend and stay 10 steps ahead of their competitors.  So, if there is an increase of tariffs, a business acquisition, a change of law—staying informed will guide you in creating plans A, B, C, and D.




3 Steps to Manage Uncertainty


Step 3: Shake it up.

In all businesses, no matter what vertical or industry, can always benefit from “shaking it up” so long as you know what you’re doing.  Truth be told, this step is the most difficult because leaders tend to put themselves in a box.  However, considering logistics is made up of many moving parts with every small change having the ability to create a ripple effect, you absolutely cannot have the mentality of “well, that’s just how it’s always been done.”  Innovation, creative problem solving, and courage will be the keys to success.



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