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Top 5 Types of Warehouse Storage

When looking into warehouses to fulfill your business’s logistics needs, you need to be well informed about the options that are available and which type of solutions are best fits for your needs. In this post, we’re providing and crash course guide through the top five types of warehouse storage typically offered.   

Ambient Storage

Top 5 Types of Warehouse Storage

Practically all warehousing companies offer ambient storage.  Ambient storage refers to “room temperature” or a warehouse that stores goods that do not need any type of temperature control.  Most products, excluding food and other perishables, would require this type of storage.

Cold Storage

Top 5 Types of Warehouse Storage

Cold storage is used primarily for storing fresh food and other perishables (like plants, medicine, etc.)  The cold storage slows down disintegration, bacteria, and deters pests like insects that would otherwise ruin the product if it were left at room temperature.  Any product that needs temperature control is kept here to preserve their peak condition until they are transported to their destination.

Bonded Storage

Top 5 Types of Warehouse Storage

Bonded warehouses also known as customs warehouses are storage spaces where imported gods can be stored without having to pay tax duties on them.  Initial duties for imported goods can be high, so the bonded warehouse acts as a safe zone until they are either re-exported or sold with the duties coming out of the sales profits. 

Hazardous Storage

Top 5 Types of Warehouse Storage

Within this type of storage, there are many different types of solutions.  If you are needing to store flammable liquid and chemicals, they may be kept isolated in a specialized storage unit that is locked for extra security.  However, products like propane cylinders, could simply be kept within large cages just to keep them from being knocked over and damaged. It can be a little tricky when looking for a warehousing facility to store hazardous materials because even if a company advertises this as a service, their licenses may restrict the type of hazardous materials they can store.  So, if you’re specifically needing this type of storage, it is best to be as specific as you can when describing your product to ensure the company you are working with can properly accommodate.

Archive Storage

Top 5 Types of Warehouse Storage

This type of storage is perfect for businesses that handle lots of information on a daily basis that can quickly fill up their office space yet have retention policies put in place that keeps them from properly disposing that information as fast as they obtain them.  Archive storages are ideal for important documents and data that no longer need to be stored on site but still need to be archived in a safe place. 

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