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Influence of Ecommerce on Supply Chain Management

Ecommerce has become such a prominent part of everyone’s day to day to life in some way or the other. Ecommerce has made shopping such an easy process that a huge chunk of population depends on it for almost all their day-to-day needs.

The pandemic has been a huge contributed to accelerating the growth of ecommerce companies. Many Organizations have realized that if they don’t start adopting the digital route of selling products, they won’t be able to survive amongst the huge ecommerce giants.

Some of the main reasons why people prefer shopping online are:
❖ Less-time consuming
❖ Cost-effective
❖ Convenient

Retail Supply Chain Illustration Feature

The growing demand in the ecommerce space has made the role of supply chain very crucial. Companies can benefit in different ways by working with 3rd party logistics companies. Outsourcing a bulk of their logistics responsibilities like warehousing, transportation etc. gives a lot of space to companies to focus more on their marketing and sales.

3 PL companies not only take away a huge chunk of logistics responsibly from the company’s side but also aids in improving customer service by providing on-time delivery and great quality service.

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To conclude, the relationship between ecommerce and supply chain is very interrelated. The increasing popularity of ecommerce is resulting in an increase in demand for 3 PL companies and has also bought a lot of awareness around the importance of supply chain.