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Hurricane Delta Left With Minimal Impact On Logistics Sector

Weather plays a major impact on logistic activity. While we cannot control the weather, the weather definitely controls road conditions. Extreme weather conditions can incur damages to the load, delays, and increases the chances of accidents. The logistics providers need to keep their dispatchers informed and their drivers safe.

Hurricane Delta

Back-to-back hurricanes in a span of six weeks left parts of Louisiana blanketed Sunday with tarpaulins, mangled metal, and downed power lines. The current Hurricane Delta leaves one dead in Louisiana and brings tornado threat to Carolinas. Fortunately, there is limited impact seen on the logistics sector by Hurricane Delta.

Before the Hurricane Delta came inland, Several LTL and parcel carriers had shut down some deliveries. UPS was not providing pickups and deliveries to 107 zip codes in Louisiana and 03 in Texas. FedEx Ground had suspended services to more than 100 cities in Louisiana and 45 in Texas. YRC has what it called “limited operations” at terminals in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Houston.

The heaviest work of the American Logistics Aid Network generally kicks in after the storm as it supplies and impacted area with equipment and other storm-related goods as they try to recover. Railroads active in the region are taking their usual precautions. After the hurricane, The Louisiana Department of Transportation was not reporting any significant outages on major interstates, including Interstate 10, which runs east-west across the state Norfolk Southern said Thursday that interchanges in New Orleans were open but that some local movements have been impacted.