Warehousing and Distribution Services

US Cargo Link operates a bonded warehouse to store all manner of industrial commodities securely. We are among the few trucking companies tracking your products in real-time and ensuring on-site staff presence throughout the day.

Our well-maintained warehouse also does double duty as a distribution hub. Our trained staff receives, segregates, consolidates and inventories your products. We then store them and make them distribution-ready.

We follow standard operating procedures to ensure a streamlined process. Our optimized warehousing and distribution processes deliver efficiency and cost gains. We pass the cost savings onto you and are regarded as one of the most economical warehousing services the United States.

We Address Special Handling Requirements

Our warehousing services cater to a variety of handling, storage and distribution demands:

  • Small, big, bulky and irregularly shaped goods
  • Fragility considerations (ex: can the products be double stacked?)
  • Do the goods need special ventilation? Can they be placed next to other products?
  • We try our best to meet other special requirements
  • Cross-docking – We handle bonded shipments.

Customized To Your Needs

The best logistic companies offer services tailored to customers’ specific requirements. We can store and prepare your products in alignment with your fulfillment needs.

We go the extra mile to help you make the most of your distribution channels. Discuss your requirements with us today.