US Cargo Link has over 25 years of experience providing exceptional logistics services. We are an asset-based logistics provider and a 3PL service, balancing the advantages and drawbacks of both models strategically and insightfully.

Why Us?

Our biggest strength is our extensive network of owner-operators who delight our customers and contribute immensely to our success. In today’s technology-rich business environment, the best logistics providers in the United States have already integrated the latest software to boost efficiency and customer service. We are among those to monitor your assets from origin to final destination and provide you accurate real-time status updates.

Solving All Your Logistics Challenges

US Cargo Link offers a range of logistics services encompassing air freight and surface transportation. For this reason, our customers represent different verticals and product categories. As we also have a vast carrier network, we can match a carrier to a customer’s unique requirements more flexible. It is a win-win for our customers and carrier partners.

Our in-house logistics team is here to provide real-time communication, answer your queries and act on your feedback. We assign a sales representative to each customer or project to ensure the convenience of a single POC. The dedicated representative handling your account understands your business needs and is fully invested in your success.

Expedited Linehaul Company

We serve your ground and air freight needs in a time-definite manner. Rest assured that even the most demanding deadlines will be met on time, every time!

Long Haul TL and LTL

Whether you want your shipment transported across state lines, state borders or from the east to west coast and vice-versa, we’ve got you covered.

A2A Linehaul Service

Our expedited airport-to-airport linehaul services offer the benefit of short cut-offs and fast recovery times.

Air Freight

Our air freight service is carefully planned and streamlined to ferry your sensitive assets in a time-bound and compliant manner.

Time-Sensitive Freight

Our temperature-controlled trucks and trucking equipment make light work of transporting time-sensitive, mission-critical freight with full visibility/traceability.

3PL Services

As a reputed 3PL service provider, we can handle various aspects of supply chain management or provide standalone services.

Warehousing and Distribution

We receive, sort, consolidate, inventorize and prepare goods for delivery. You can combine this service with our linehaul services to keep your supply chain working efficiently.

Freight Management

As an asset-based provider, we are equipped with the best logistics software and systems that enable real-time tracking and status notifications.
US Cargo Link follows industry best practices to deliver outstanding service and customer experience. We believe in fostering lasting relationships based on trust and genuine care. As our customer, you can expect us to go the extra mile to support your goals. As an owner-operator, you have our confidence and full assistance.